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Memorable Film Kisses of All Time

One of the most memorable parts in any movie; whether action, comedy, romance or drama; is the kiss between the male and female leads. The building up of suspense; whether the two characters will end up in each other’s arms is enough to keep any moviegoer glued to their seats until the anticipation has been satisfied.

While there are perhaps a hundred or even a thousand of the best film kisses of all time; there are those that really stand out and stand the test of time. The choice of the best movie kisses actually depends on who’s watching but there are a few that we must not miss out on.


From the time when movies began to be shown with dubbed voices up to the time that they appeared in full color and now with digital technology that promises to enhance anyone viewing experience; movie kisses have always been the icing on any movie’s cake.

Here are just a few of the best movie kisses we could check out if we haven’t seen them yet.

1. From Here to Eternity – That sand-rolling; wave-covered bodies kiss between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. This scene has been recaptured in several other films; including comedy movies spoofing the film.

2. Roman Holiday – The film’s stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn lock lips in one painful scene where they both were saying goodbye in the car as Audrey’s character had to go back to her royal life. It’s one of the saddest goodbye kisses of all time.

3. An Affair to Remember – This movie actually tops most of people’s list of the best movie kisses of all time. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr rekindle their romance with a sweet, painful kiss Grant’s character gave Kerr’s Terry McKay when he found out the reason behind her absence at the top of the Empire State Building.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – A timeless classic starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. The final kiss where Audrey ran after George and finally admitted her feelings for George’s character when she kissed him in the rain. This is one of the best movie kisses in the rain complete with the romantic music Moon River playing in the background.

5. Sixteen Candles – This teenage cult classic with Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling in the lead is considered as one of the best movie kisses in the teenage romance genre. The kiss happens in the movie’s final scene where Molly’s character finally finds herself on a date with her long-time high school crush, to celebrate her sixteenth birthday.

They reach out across the table to softly kiss with Molly’s birthday candles lit up between them.

There are still many other film kisses worthy to be included among the best movie kisses of all time. These are but a few that have found themselves repeatedly included in most everyone’s list of the best film kisses from past to present.

From the steaming kiss shared between Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay in Risky Business to the tender kiss between John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga in The Sure Thing; we can find several other top picks of the best movie kisses over the internet.

Is KiSS a Profitable and Legit Opportunity? – KiSS Review

I decided to investigate an opportunity called KiSS due to the number of scams running online, this is what I found out…

Keep it Super Simple is what KiSS is all about, according to its promoters. The company promises to revolutionize how multilevel marketing is conventionally carried out. KiSS was founded to give way for transformation of usual MLM business. It is a proponent of what it calls ‘velocity marketing,’ described as marketing strategy at light speed. Through the advent of the Internet, speed in marketing has been given a new definition. The company asserts that velocity marketing is redefining marketing through harnessing immense speed of the modern online technology.

The Products

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KiSS Shots are breath fresheners and mouthwash products with distinct features. KiSS Me Strong has a bold peppermint flavor that chills and refreshes the mouth. KiSS Me Soft has a citrus invigorating flavor that rejuvenates. KiSS Me Sweet features a blueberry flavor that is claimed to attract attention and taste buds. KiSS Me Cool is the line’s Ice flavor, keeping mouth slippery and wet. It has a water mint flavor.

The Business and Compensation

KiSS’ MLM strategy is unlike all others. It does not require three-way phone calls, presentations, meetings, short sales, and inventory requirements. The company is also not imposing minimum recruitment qualifications and minimum volume. Marketers are not required to acquire scientific and technical knowledge, though knowing more about the products is logically a help. Lastly, KiSS is intending to grow virally though social networking. KiSS is legal and is not in any way fraudulent.

This seems to be a legit opportunity to pursue, but what is missing?

You need proper marketing knowledge.

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Deliver the Mind Blowing Kiss He Will Never Forget

When the date is over, and he is ready to leave, do you want to deliver a mind blowing kiss he will never forget? Are you well versed in techniques that seductive women use to leave their boyfriends with something to look forward to the next time they meet? Is your own kiss in need of a serious upgrade? Then you need to follow these trusted guidelines that will turn your average kiss, into something he will not soon forget.

Timing is everything.

The mind blowing kiss should be the last kiss of the day, and you want the kiss to have a lasting effect on him. Make sure all of the discussions are finished, and it appears that he is ready to leave. This is the best opportunity for you to show him that you have deep feelings for him, and the kiss needs to deliver that message.

It’s all about the delivery.

At the end of the day, when he is ready to give you a kiss goodbye, look deep into his eyes and draw him close to you. Keep your lips lightly together as they meet his and take care to keep them relaxed and soft. Begin slowly and gently moving your head and lips, so not to startle him with too much passion in the beginning.

Keep your hands busy.

When building up the passion for your mind blowing kiss, remember to keep your hands busy. While there may be a strong urge for you to put them where they don’t belong, do use them to stroke his back and steady his head. This will enable you to better press your entire body closer to him.

The kiss should be an all body experience.

The mind blowing kiss should involve your whole body, not just your mouth. While head movement is natural, let the rest of your body enjoy his embrace. This will relax him and give him the impression he is the one in control.

Polishing off the kiss.

As the mind blowing kiss begins to get passionate, let your tongue touch his lips ever so lightly. This will present the opportunity to French kiss. If he is open to the French kiss, again let him lead, and when it happens enjoy the taste of him while letting him enjoy you. Don’t be surprised if he is breathing a little heavier when you finish up, and part company.